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Managing resistant rats at racecourse

Where rats thrive they can spread disease, ruin food resources, gnaw electrical cables and even cause structural damage, not to mention the risk to reputation for businesses. 

Cleankill’s rodent expertise was called upon by the owners of a racecourse in Berkshire who needed help to solve a problem with rodenticide-resistant rats.

Rodenticide resistance is a growing problem and pest controllers often need to try a number of different treatment methods to find one that works with particular colonies of rats.

A national clothing retailer with a clothes moth problem

One of Cleankill’s more unusual pest control contracts involved delivering an industrial freezer to a clothing warehouse which was infested with clothes moths. The clothing retailer discovered a clothes moth problem in the warehouse where the company stores samples of its clothing ranges from previous years, when the samples were found to be damaged. Urgent action was needed to stop any further damage. The retailer called Cleankill to solve the problem.

A department store with a mouse infestation problem

After allowing a major pest control company a year to sort out a mouse problem, the final straw came for a department store when a creature jumped from a suit pocket in front of a customer.

Part of the problem was the building’s construction: six floors of suspended ceilings – perfect hiding places for mice and other rodents - and a large number of cupboards stacked high with stock. Mice were living and breeding in the ceilings and cupboards unnoticed.