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Cleankill Corporate Video

Cleankill corporate video.


Cleankill achieves Silver Investors in People


Cleankill Pest Control has become the first pest control company in the UK to achieve a Silver Investors in People accreditation. Interviewed in this video are Assessor Anne Hyde, Cleankill Director Jon Whitehead and Cleankill Managing Director Paul Bates.

Tackling a hornets' nest in East Sussex


Cleankill was called to an historic farmhouse near Heathfield after the owners became plagued with hornets. The hornets, which look like giant wasps, had made a nest in the chimney and were entering the house through the fireplace. At night, attracted by light, the insects would fly through any open windows or bash against the glass.

Nuisance parakeets

Ring-neck and monk parakeet may be pretty but their numbers have increased in recent years with the birds successfully living wild in London and the South East.

Parakeets have strong beaks and when they enter loft spaces they are known to chew exposed beams and rafters. Parakeets have been known to cause considerable damage resulting in serious concern over the safety of roof structures.

Listen to this clip of Cleankill Pest Control MD Paul bring interviewed about parakeets by Danny Pike on BBC Radio Surrey.

George the Harris Hawk to the rescue

We made this video after helping out Eastbourne crematorium deal with a seagull problem.

George the Harris Hawk acted as a deterrent to the seagulls by making the crematorium an uncomfortable place to live.

Read the full press release here.


Suburban Nocturnal Wildlife

Infra red film of wildlife in a London garden filmed over two evenings. Very interesting range of visitors!

Itchy Love

Here's an amusing video about fleas and flea treatments which we sponsored the production of. If you have ten minutes, give it a watch and let us know what you think.