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Electric Fly Killers

LED Fly Killer
Electric fly killers
Electric fly killer

Control flying insects and reduce risk exposure

At Cleankill, we often say, “follow a fly for a day and you won’t eat for a week.”

A single housefly will pick up and transport bacteria between every surface in your home or business. Especially in food preparation areas, you need to make sure fly numbers are minimized to prevent the spread of disease.


We offer branded range fly killers – Electrifly – that incorporate either LED or ultra-violet (UV) light sources. They are available in a variety of sizes, finishes and colours and can be used in all locations, including commercial kitchens, food factories, restaurants and supermarkets, as well as back-of-house and front-of-house areas. 

Unwanted insects are attracted to the light source and then silently trapped by a glue board. They are perfect for sensitive and food preparation areas because they are quiet and there is minimal risk of insects being blown out of the unit once caught.

If you are looking to improve sustainability in your business, try our LED Electrifly unit. This provides a cost-efficient fly control solution while also reducing carbon emissions by up to 69%. It is highly effective against a wide variety of flies, even Fruit Flies.


Fly killers are only effective if they are properly maintained. 

All Electrifly units come with a full maintenance contract, ensuring your unit is regularly cleaned and inspected and, if something is wrong, repaired or replaced. Our maintenance contracts include the replacement of glue boards, parts and tubes.

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