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Cleankill’s Paul Bates shortlisted for Institute of Directors Award

Cleankill Pest Control is proud to announce its Managing Director Paul Bates has been shortlisted as a finalist at the Institute of Directors (IoD) London & South Director of the Year Awards 2020.

Cleankill warns businesses about rodent infestations following lockdown

Cleankill Pest Control is reporting a significant increase in the number of callouts from businesses as they reopen after the lockdown. 

To bee or not to bee – don’t confuse bees with wasps say pest controllers

The sudden increase in temperature and sunshine has meant an explosion of blossom and noticeable increase in bees going about their work. There has also been a worrying surge in calls to pest controllers from people confusing bees with wasps and asking for treatment.

Unwanted visitors can trigger mental health issues during lockdown

The lockdown has resulted in an increase in calls from residential premises to a London pest control company as people are spotting furry intruders and insects that would often go unnoticed. Managing Director Paul Bates of Cleankill Pest Control says the mental health implications of having an infestation during lockdown when you can’t leave your home can be quite serious for some.

Pest controllers in limbo while awaiting key worker decision

Reduced waste collections, pest controllers being unable to carry out preventive work, food not being stored properly and empty offices could together result in a surge in public health pests say experts Cleankill Pest Control. These are just some of the reasons why, says Cleankill Managing Director Paul Bates, pest controllers need to be added to the list of key workers during the Corona Virus pandemic.


We have been closely monitoring the COVID-19 situation for the last few weeks. Considering the Prime Minister’s announcement on 23 March, we thought you might like to know what measures we are putting into place.  Our primary concern is the health and welfare of our customers, our employees, all our families, and our communities. To this end, we have altered our service in the following ways:

Why you should take a holistic approach to pest control on construction sites

Cleankill Pest Control is urging developers and construction companies to take a more rounded approach to rats and other problem pests when developing new sites.

Cleankill celebrates being shortlisted for six business awards

Croydon-based Cleankill Pest Control is celebrating after being shortlisted for six prizes at three local business awards in March 2020. 

Cleankill announces Keynote Speaker sponsorship at Sussex Business Expos

Cleankill Pest Control is pleased to announce they will be returning as Keynote Speaker Sponsors at the Network Express B2B tradeshows held in Sussex throughout 2020. The 2020 calendar includes:

Cleankill announces sponsorship at Mid Sussex Business Expo

Cleankill Pest Control are pleased to announce they are Keynote Speaker Sponsors at the Mid Sussex Business Expo on 19 September 2019.

Flies damn flies…

 “If you followed a fly for a day you wouldn’t eat for a week” is favourite saying of staff at Cleankill Pest Control. There are more than 110,000 species of flies with the largest being around 6cms long and the smallest only around 0.15mm long. Some are more bothersome than others – depending on the season – and some carry more germs than others.

Seagull stuck in chimney saved by pest control technician

A Bristol pest controller faced an unusual challenge this week when he had to rescue a fully grown seagull from inside a chimney. An employee of the Bristol Registry Office happened to venture into the lower area of the building where the old prison cells used to be when he heard a noise.