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Rats and flooding: putting your home at risk

When Hurricane Angus struck the UK last week, it certainly created a great deal of damage. Of course, some people were able to turn what could have been a disaster into something a little more pleasant, such as the people on a GWR train who found themselves stranded at Taunton with free pizza courtesy of Domino’s Pizza and Great Western Railways.

A worthwhile New Year's resolution

A New Year means, of course, the inevitable New Year’s resolution. We all start the New Year with the best of intentions and then watch as they slowly slip away. By the end of the year, most of us have completely forgotten our resolutions, just in time for them to become next year’s resolution. This year, however, I have a New Year’s resolution suggestion for your business that you will thank me for this time next year.

Beware of the rodent invasion

Last weekend many parts of the UK woke up to find a blanket of white. When I looked out of my windows, I saw a grey day with icy cold sleet. It was exactly the sort of day when all you want to do is nestle into your armchair, open a packet of Bourbon biscuits and settle down to watch ‘It’s a Wonderful Life’. It certainly isn’t the sort of day you want to be outside.

Lucky escape for office workers, but not for rats

It’s not only thieves who have been using tunnels to enter premises in London’s Hatton Garden.

When workers in luxury offices near the site of Britain's biggest diamond heist went to retrieve some files from a cupboard they were horrified to find them covered in droppings.

They quickly called pest control company Cleankill Environmental Services who identified the droppings and set about getting rid of the rodents.

During a survey of the premises Cleankill found evidence of up to 30 rats in the cupboard, chewed electric cables and damage to timber in the area.

Technician Tom praised by famous customer

Cleankill pest control Technician Tom Smit had a big surprise when he turned up at a customer’s home to discover it belonged to one of the country’s most well known opera singers.

Wynne Evans, who became famous when he appeared in the Go Compare television adverts as the spoof opera star Gio Compario, called Cleankill to sort out a pest problem in his London flat.

Tom said: “I had no idea who the customer was but when we met I recognised him from the adverts. It’s not every day I get to help someone famous. He was extremely nice.”

Cold weather causes rodent invasion

Rodents dislike the cold weather as much as humans and now is the time when rats and mice take refuge from the cooler weather in loft spaces and other warm areas of buildings, particularly places where there is a food supply.

The furry creatures will scratch, gnaw and rip items apart to make nesting materials but they will also chew through electrical cables. This can cause fires, as well as cause structural damage, not to mention the urine and droppings they spread over large areas.

Flushed out rats may invade homes for first time due to flooding

The severe flooding situation is having a huge impact on farm animals and wildlife, forcing them to seek shelter on higher ground above the water line.
Pest controllers are warning people, particularly those who live near rivers, that they may experience an influx of rats who have been forced out of their underground burrows or flooded drains.

Stop the sale of DIY rat and mouse poisons

The manager of a leading pest control company is calling for a ban on the sale of DIY rat and mouse poison to the general public in a bid to halt the spread of ‘super rats.’

Rats that are resistant to poison have been found in East Sussex, Hampshire, Kent and even the Houses of Parliament and are becoming an increasing problem.

Paul Bates, Managing Director of Cleankill Pest Control, says that the main cause is the incorrect use of bait by householders and people like farmers.