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Mixing business with pleasure at Crystal Palace

Next week we are doing something a little different and sponsoring a sell-out business networking event at Crystal Palace involving more than 100 people. Our association with Crystal Palace goes back to the…

Pest prevention tips for Facilities Managers

We work with many facilities managers across the UK. Once they use us, they tend to stay based on our quality of service – not necessarily price, as we are definitely not the cheapest. We have, however, held…

Storming ahead into 2014

One of the great things about being a pest control company is that everyone needs or is legally required to keep their premises pest free. Of course, there are many companies to choose from and we have to do…

Paul's top tips for deterring foxes

I took part in a BBC Radio interview this morning. Apparently foxes have been digging up a bowling green in Bognor. My suspicion is that they are using a bonemeal fertiliser on the grass which is attracting…

Even pest controllers have pest problems

One of the problems with being a pest controller is finding the energy to deal with the pests that you get in your own home - I little like decorators who never get around to their own houses. Around Autumn…

Watch out for the Autumn home invaders

Every year in the Autumn, our 8-legged Arachnid friends that have been living quite happy outdoors all Summer, start to move indoors. It is therefore not surprising that Cleankill (along with most other pest…

Penny Smith, Bobby Ball, Rylan Clark and problems with a few dying wasps!

Here's a blog by Director Jon Whitehead (on the left in the photo) after his experience on The Alan Titchmarsh Show.The day started a little strangely, I was due to be picked up at London Bridge station, to be…

We're rarely stunned for words...

On the evening of the South London Business awards, Jon and I were quite stunned when we heard we had won... at least two of the 10 finalists in the green category had beaten us at previous awards and were big…

Bees on bike taken safely to new home

The stories about the decline of bees in the news this week reminded me to tell you about a lucky escape for a swarm of bees last week. We received a call that there were wasps swarming at an office block we…

Parking fines and other taxes

Having been fined £200 by Haringey Council recently for not having a no smoking sign in a brand new van being driven by a non smoker, I have also had a further £240 of hidden taxes applied to my company to…

There’s no smoke without fire…

Last week I posted in a huff on facebook that we had just been hit with a £200 fine. It was for failure to display a ‘no smoking’ sticker in one of our sign written vans. When I did so, I was not expecting the…

Cleankill pest controllers are hardcore

The business of pest control can mean working in all sorts of unfavourable conditions, be it crawling in a cramped wasp-infested loft space, investigating a rat problem in a dark and dingy basement or braving…

Follow your nose

We’re often called by people who suspect they have a rodent problem, the signs are there but they haven’t seen them.One of the biggest tell-tale signs is the smell - rodents have a very particular musky smell…

TV stars – maybe!

We’ve done a few bits of telly in our time, and often get called by local news teams for our opinion on pesty problems. We met Sarah Beeney last year on her show ‘Help! My House is Falling Down’ and we were…

Don’t let critters ruin your Christmas!

Christmas comes but once a year and unfortunately now’s the time that people may be discovering they have had some unwanted visitors move in among the tinsel and baubles.Both rats and squirrels will have…

Mo Bros

During November each year, Movember is responsible for the sprouting of moustaches on thousands of men’s faces in the UK and around the world. At Cleankill we felt we needed to join the other 360,000…