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A national clothing retailer with a clothes moth problem

One of Cleankill’s more unusual pest control contracts involved delivering an industrial freezer to a clothing warehouse which was infested with clothes moths. The clothing retailer discovered a clothes moth problem in the warehouse where the company stores samples of its clothing ranges from previous years, when the samples were found to be damaged. Urgent action was needed to stop any further damage. The retailer called Cleankill to solve the problem.

Clothes moth horror as ruined woollies are uncovered

Shrieks of horror can be heard across the Kent, Surrey and Sussex as people succumb to the Autumn weather and dig out their coveted cashmere jumpers - only to find them full of holes.

While precious pashminas were stored away in cupboards, they were providing a summer time feast for the dreaded clothes moth or Tineola bisselliella. What makes the situation even more heartbreaking is that very few household insurance policies cover damage caused by pests in the home.