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pest birds

Get your netting checked now before nesting season starts

As Spring approaches, facilities and property managers are being urged to make sure bird control methods are in place before pest birds settle in for the peak nesting periods of Spring and Summer.

In April and May, pigeons and gulls will start taking advantage of the warmer weather to sit on outside ledges and pipe work. Their droppings then fall to the floor below, creating a dangerously slippery surface. There are many techniques available including installing nets, sprung wire systems and bird spike repellents.

Bird-Free gel - a new way to rid your premises of pest birds

Following extensive trials, Cleankill Pest Control is now using a special non-toxic gel as part of its armoury against pest birds. 

The Bird Free gel reflects ultraviolet light and appears to birds as flames and keeps pest birds off structures without harming them. Rather than acting as a barrier like netting or spikes, the gel alters birds’ behaviour. Birds will completely desert a habitat, even one they have been using for years, once Bird Free has been applied.