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super rats

Super rats on Ashdown Forest in Sussex - is it a myth?

With our decades of experience in pest control there’s not much we don’t know about or have a view about.

This week we’ve been asked about super rats in the Ashdown Forest. To date we haven’t seen any of these giant rats but it’s true that were there is a lot of food around you will naturally find some larger than usual rats.

The topic of resistance to poisons keeps cropping up. This is not a new issue – there have been pockets of resistant rats in different parts of the country for years.

Stop the sale of DIY rat and mouse poisons

The manager of a leading pest control company is calling for a ban on the sale of DIY rat and mouse poison to the general public in a bid to halt the spread of ‘super rats.’

Rats that are resistant to poison have been found in East Sussex, Hampshire, Kent and even the Houses of Parliament and are becoming an increasing problem.

Paul Bates, Managing Director of Cleankill Pest Control, says that the main cause is the incorrect use of bait by householders and people like farmers.