Three Fridays in December

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Clive on drums!

Something a little different this month. There isn’t one serious theme but a collection of non-work-related things we’ve been doing in December.

To start, I was turned into a fully-fledged ‘dragon’ for the day when I helped Hamsey Green Primary School in Warlingham, Surrey, recreate ‘Dragon’s Den’ for their pupils. The event on Friday 1st December was part of their ‘Stepping into Business’ programme. Us ‘Dragons’ were rebranded as ‘Business Angels’ and had to sit in judgement over the products the children had designed and manufactured. These were to be sold the next day during their Winter Wonderland event.

It must have been quite intimidating standing in front of us as we grilled them over their business plans! I was actually quite worried I might be too scary for the pupils but, in fact, I was amazed at the confidence of the students. It was a joy to see the thought, teamwork and effort that had been put into all of the presentations and the ‘manufacturing’ of the different articles. What really stood out was the clarity of the pupils’ speeches and the confidence with which they spoke in front of the whole school. I’m not sure I would have been so confident at that age.

To read more about the event, look at our news item.

Like many other people, we went Christmas jumper crazy on Friday 15th December. To join in with Christmas Jumper Day Jeanette Gater, our office manager, organised a competition. The prize was to be a bottle of fizz for the best Christmas Jumper, so competition was intense. Everyone in the office sported their finest Christmas jumper and technicians around the region sent in pictures of their festive offerings.

Jeanette asked Suzi at Blueberry PR to judge the competition. That way, we could ensure an unbiased result. Personally, I think my jumper was the best, but Mike Williamson essentially cheated by creating a video in which he wore an amazing flashing polar jumper and sang a Christmas song. He’s certainly set the bar pretty high for next year! To see his video, click here.

All proceeds from Christmas Jumper Day went to Save the Children.

Finally, going back a week, on Friday 8th December, we had a little staff and partners evening out at the Six Bells in Billingshurst. What drew us all together on this cold night? Our very own Clive Bury was playing drums with his band, “Off the Record”!

Such a multi-talented man! He’s been playing drums for about 40 years and the band he was performing with on this occasion have been together for about 4 years.

We had a great time listening to their covers of classics by bands such as Blondie, The Pretenders, Eurythmics, Manic Street Preachers, Billy Idol, and Dr. and the Medics. Clive told us afterwards that, because he’s stuck behind the drumkit the whole time, he couldn’t tell if we were having a good time. Well, we can answer that, we were having a brilliant time.

Anyway, there’s a few things we’ve been getting up to during December. We take our work very seriously but that is never be at the expense of being a part of our community and supporting our friends. Cleankill Pest Control has always taken its commitment to the community very seriously and it something we will be continuing in the new year.

Which reminds me,

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

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