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Cleankill Technician Sam Takes Over BPCA Social Media

Technician Takeover

Last week Cleankill customers might have recognised a familiar face on the British Pest Control Association (BPCA) social media channels – Sam Boylett. For one day only, Sam was their Technician Takeover correspondent.

Technician Takeover was an initiative run by the BPCA in the days leading up to World Pest Day 2021  which took place on 6th June 2021. The day is an opportunity for the whole pest management sector to raise awareness of the important role it plays in protecting public health.

For 2021, the BPCA decided to give five frontline pest control technicians access to their social media channels for a day each. The idea was to give people a behind the scenes look at what really goes into professional pest control.

The general public often think pest control is just about getting rid of pests. In reality, it is about experience, knowledge, understanding and professionalism. Watch Sam explain why he used traps instead of bait at a new site with historic rat problems.

Commenting on his takeover, Sam says: “It was great to give the public a real understanding of what we do as professional pest control technicians. I’m proud of the way we approach pest control, dispensing advice alongside setting traps and bait boxes. The goal of Cleankill is always to leave the customer pest free, but to achieve that result in whatever way impacts the environment and community the least.”

Technician Takeover was a huge success with the BPCA reporting that over 23,000 people watched the videos on Facebook and a further 21,600 on Twitter. In all, the organisation saw its social media performance increase by nearly 20%. To see some of the posts, go on to Twitter and search for #TechnicianTakeover.

Paul Bates, Managing Director of Cleankill Pest Control, acknowledges the value of public engagement initiatives such as Technician Takeover Day: “When we were asked to participate in Technician Takeover Day I thought this was a great opportunity to show our industry as a profession and I knew Sam would be perfect for the job.

“As an industry we sometimes suffer from an inaccurate image based upon a fundamental misunderstanding of the importance of our work. Pests such as rats, cockroaches, pigeons and gulls spread nasty diseases while some also damaging your property. You just need to look what is going on in Australia to see the harm rats and mice can do if allowed to take over.

“Over the years, we’ve taken part in multiple television, radio and print media interviews. Our aim is to help people get a better understanding of how they can keep their homes and businesses pest free. The answer is an effective preventive pest control plan and best practice in relation to waste and property management.”

Learn more about Technician Takeover Day by watching the BPCA’s video.    

Now employing 50 staff, Cleankill Pest Control offers eradication and preventative services for all public health pests, including: miceratscockroacheswaspsfleassquirrels and pest birds. As a registered waste carrier, Cleankill also removes pigeon debris and other waste.

With offices in Surrey, East SussexBristol and Buckinghamshire, Cleankill has many customers throughout London, Surrey, Sussex, the Home Counties, Bristol, Gloucestershire and Somerset.


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