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Clean your recycling


Cleankill Pest Control is reminding everyone to make sure they clean their food waste packaging before putting it into the recycling.

The reminder comes after Managing Director Paul Bates was interviewed by Allison Ferns on BBC Radio Sussex about Brighton Council’s temporary closure of a recycling point in Hollingbury because of a rat infestation. 

Paul Bates: “Rats have been with us since forever, living alongside us and exploiting the waste we make. The problem many recycling facilities face is that people simply don’t wash their recycling before they put it into the bins. This makes it an attractive target for any rodent looking for an easy meal.

“The problem often isn’t the fault of the facility, it’s us. I bet, if you walk down any high street and look in the recycling bins today, you will find piles of pizza boxes, curry containers, burger wrappers and Chinese plastic food boxes, and I’d estimate a good 75% of these haven’t been properly cleaned.

“The problem of rats around recycling bins isn’t confined to council sites, it also affects our homes and businesses. The first line of defence therefore has to be cleanliness, so make sure you wash your food packaging before putting it into the recycling.”

If you have a rat problem in your property, make sure it is properly proofed and can’t be accessed via drainpipes and holes in walls and around doors. 

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Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay