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It doesn’t matter what time of year it is, your property can always have a problem with roosting birds. Aside from the mess these birds leave, there is the potential for diseases to be spread and parts of the building being damaged.  

A long-standing customer had a problem with gulls and pigeons at its facility in Ilford, East London. The building’s roof has several large air conditioning units and expensive heat pumps on it, and these needed protecting. At the same time, the area had to remain accessible for maintenance.

Following a survey by the bird control team, it was decided methods such as bird-free gel and spikes would not be sufficient to keep the birds from roosting or nesting on such a large area. The layout of the roof space provided plenty of places for nesting in the spring.

Instead, it was decided the whole area needed to be netted. This presented quite a challenge as, apart from all the equipment on the roof and the need for permanent access, the area that needed netting was large.

Prior to installing the net, we cleared and sealed off an area on the opposite side of the roof that was a known popular pigeon nesting site. We knew this would drive the birds towards the west wing, and away from the expensive heat pumps. It is often more cost-effective to predict how and where birds will migrate, allowing us to implement a proactive bird control strategy that efficiently protects the costly equipment.

What made this job all the more difficult for our experienced bird control team of Martin and Tony was the fact the work needed to be carried out in mid-December during a cold snap. At a time when the country was experiencing some its lowest temperatures in years, Tony and Martin were on a roof, exposed to the elements, fitting tethering points and a c650 m2 net.

The work took eight days to complete, after which the area was completely netted. The property’s maintenance team could still access the roof, but birds were no longer able to roost on vital equipment.

This is just one example of how, when a job needs to be done, Cleankill will go the extra mile. That’s The Cleankill Way.

The images don’t clearly demonstrate how cold it was!

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