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Harris Hawks Clear Misery Making Pigeons

Harris Hawk
Harris Hawk
Alan Day

Residents living in flats on the outskirts of London are celebrating after predator birds helped to remove hundreds of pigeons that were making people’s lives a misery.

When Cleankill Pest Control carried out a survey of the property, the company’s surveyor found a very serious pigeon problem that was creating a health hazard. There were nests in bushes, pigeon mess on walls, balconies and walkways, fly problems, nasty odours and hundreds of birds roosting on rooftops. Residents were unable to use their balconies and or the communal gardens safely and the problem was getting worse.

Investigations found that pigeons were being fed at the pond opposite and then flying over to roost on the apartment buildings.

The solution was to bring in Cleankill’s Harris Hawks to scare the birds away. Other recommendations included landscaping work to remove the low-level bushes that offered harbourage for the birds and an ideal nesting place.

As soon as the hawks, Rooster and Reginald, started visiting there was an immediate reduction in bird numbers. Work then started to clean up the pigeon mess from the area, sanitize, and remove any nests and eggs. Flower beds were mostly covered with dressing and new shrubs were planted and well-spaced so they couldn’t be used as hiding spaces by the birds.

In a matter of weeks, the site has been transformed. Residents can enjoy their balconies and hang out their washing, while children can now play in the open spaces without risking contracting diseases.

A spokesperson for the company that manages the site said: “Since Cleankill started working at the site we have seen a significant improvement and there should be a real, long-term benefit for the residents. We’re really looking forward to seeing what the situation will be like in six months to a year’s time.”

Cleankill surveyor Mark Hobbs added: “The residents have been thanking us for what we have done. The work had changed their lives and they can now enjoy where they live and do simple things like open their windows. It is hugely satisfying to have been able to help people in this way.”

Cleankill Technician and bird handler Alan Day added: “The pigeons had literally taken over the site. It was horrendous, especially the smell. The conditions were perfect for the birds to multiply - people were feeding them and the birds had lots of places to hide. Since the residents have stopped feeding the birds and we’ve been visiting with the hawks the difference is incredible.

“I am so pleased we have been able to help. Using predator birds is a natural method of pest control and very effective. The bonus is that people really love seeing them on site and are so grateful for what we have achieved.”

The hawks will now be visiting the site three times a week to make sure the pigeons do not return.

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