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Welcoming Vincent

Vincent at work

Vincent is one of the first Hong Kongers to work in pest control in the UK. Cleankill is delighted to have him on the team and his customers really appreciate his attention to detail and friendly attitude.

Here is Vincent’s story:

I moved to the UK from Hong Kong in 2021 after China suppressed Hong Kong's freedom in 2019. 

Before I came UK, I was an activist while working as a snagging inspector in my home town. I decided as construction is very different in the UK, that it would be better to look for a new career.

One of my friends who does marketing for a pest control company encouraged me to look at the pest control industry as the work can be similar to what I was doing in Hong Kong which involved a visit, an inspection and a report.

Although people say there is a recruitment problem in the industry, I struggled to find work before obtaining my Level 2 qualification in Edinburgh.

I sent nearly 100 applications but received zero response - even from companies that said they welcome applications from people with no experience.

After I put myself through the course and gained my Level 2 qualification the situation changed. Companies started offering me face-to-face interviews and I finally picked Cleankill Pest Control as my first employer in the industry.

I will celebrate one year on 1st April with Cleankill and I am looking forward to learning and experiencing more things.

As an immigrant, Cleankill staff have been very caring. My mother tongue is not English so sometimes misunderstandings can happen. Understanding slang is particularly challenging, but my colleagues are so inclusive, and they explain and repeat the words I don’t understand. I’m now able to take part in small talk with them!