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My mobile phone miracle

Last Thursday the Cleankill directors got together in Alfriston for one of our regular ‘Vision’ meetings where we discuss the future aims and directions of the company. The next morning Jon and I had some bird work to do in Brighton (the risk assessment for hangovers and ladders was carried out thoroughly!!). When we had finished, Jon took me back to Seaford where I picked up my car to head back to the office in Croydon. As I approached the bottom end of the A23 I went to make a phone call and realised that my phone had not connected with my car...the I realised why - because my phone was on the roof of Jon’s car where I had put it after taking my overalls off... Knowing that Jon had gone to do a little job near his house I did a U-turn and headed back to Seaford, only to discover that Jon had left 10 minutes before to go to an appointment in Bexhill some 40 minutes the other way. A Keystone cops chase then ensued along the south coast where I finally caught up with Jon....and my phone had wedged under the ladder rack on his car! An hour later than planned, I headed off up the A21 rather than the A23...only to find that a lorry had turned over and the A21 was shut....I was glad that it was the weekend...