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Foam, hi-tech mouse detectors and a chance to see old friends at Pest-tech

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On Wednesday 5 November Paul and Ian made the trip to the National Motorcycle Museum in Birmingham to visit the Pest-Tech exhibition run by the National Pest Technicians’ Association.

The venue was buzzing with all of the major suppliers vying for our attention. Along with the many different types of bait box on display, there were some new products such as a rodenticidal foam that can be applied into holes used as mouse and rat runs.

We also spotted a new computer-linked mouse detection system – a mouse runs through a detector box which triggers a report to an on-site computer which then communicates to the pest controller’s mobile phone. We will be asking the manufacturer to come to our office to talk to us in more detail about this.

As well as seeing all the distributors, it was also an opportunity to catch up with old friends (and for Ian and Paul with over 35 years in the industry there are quite a lot of old friends!) and then to have a good meal in the evening followed by a quick half pint and an early night...