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Cleankill's Chris is one of six most qualified pest controllers in country

We knew that our very own Chris Davis (Cleankill Service and Technical Manager) is one of the most experienced and able pest controllers not only in the South East but in the country. 

This was confirmed when we heard that he had passed his Level 3 Diploma in Pest Control and added this to his graduate and post-graduate qualifications.

Chris is one of only six people in the country to have passed this tough exam which has an emphasis on pest control management, and includes completion of 12 assignments covering different pest control scenarios that he’s dealt with.

One of Chris’ roles is training and support of Cleankill’s technicians, promoting excellence and encouraging staff development - so it made sense for him to become as highly qualified as possible so his training could incorporate the very latest thinking. Chris’ certificate was issued by the BPCA and the Royal Society of Public Health. The courses are run by Killgerm who also arrange the exams, tutoring and mentoring.