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Property managers are being urged to check their pigeon netting now before the birds pest controllers call ‘flying rats’ settle in for the peak nesting periods of Spring and Summer. In April and May, pigeons will start taking advantage of the warmer weather to sit on outside ledges and pipe work. Their droppings then fall to the floor below, creating a dangerously slippery surface. Pest controllers like Cleankill can use a variety of techniques including installing nets, sprung wire systems. bird spike repellents and even a special, highly effective UV gel that birds see as flames to discourage the birds from landing on buildings.
The severe flooding situation is having a huge impact on farm animals and wildlife, forcing them to seek shelter on higher ground above the water line. Pest controllers are warning people, particularly those who live near rivers, that they may experience an influx of rats who have been forced out of their underground burrows or flooded drains.
The latest pest control equipment will be available to see on award-winning Cleankill Pest Control's stand at The South East Business Show.    Visitors to the expo will be able to view products such as the latest bird gel and Cleankill experts will be on hand to give information and advice to facilities managers, estates managers, landlords and business owners at the event on 24th January 2014 at the Millennium Conference Centre, Effingham Park, Gatwick.  
The manager of a leading pest control company is calling for a ban on the sale of DIY rat and mouse poison to the general public in a bid to halt the spread of ‘super rats.’ Rats that are resistant to poison have been found in East Sussex, Hampshire, Kent and even the Houses of Parliament and are becoming an increasing problem. Paul Bates, Managing Director of Cleankill Pest Control, says that the main cause is the incorrect use of bait by householders and people like farmers.
Facilities managers and property managers are being urged to check their bird netting following the recent high winds and stormy weather. Cleankill Pest Control's Paul Bates says: “Birds can easily become tangled and trapped in damaged proofing which not only causes them distress but can lead to further damage to the netting. Holes in netting will also allow birds to get through and set up home.”
Cluster flies from Cleankill Environmental Services
If staff in top-floor offices are complaining about flies – or your loft space is overrun with insects – it’s probably cluster flies.
Clothes moth damage
Shrieks of horror can be heard across the country as people finally succumb to the Autumn weather and dig out their warm woollies and coveted cashmere. This is when householders discover that while their precious pashminas were stored away they were providing a summer time feast for the dreaded clothes moth or Tineola bisselliella.
Homeowners and tenants across the country will be dreading the patter of tiny feet above their heads as rats, mice and squirrels take refuge from the cooler weather in loft spaces. As they scratch, gnaw and rip items apart to make nesting materials, the rodents cause many sleepless nights. They also chew through electrical cables which can cause fires as well as cause structural damage, not to mention the urine and droppings they leave all over any precious possessions being stored in the attic.
John Whitehead on the Alan Titchmarsh Show
One of Cleankill's directors was in the limelight when he appeared on national television with Alan Titchmarsh. Jon Whitehead was asked to appear in ITV’s Alan Titchmarsh Show as an expert on wasps. Jon talked about why wasps are behaving erratically at this time of year. He explained that they are jobless and often get drunk on fermented fruit. Jon brought a large wasps’ nest to the show so viewers could see what a nest is like close up. Jon surprised Alan, the audience and other viewers with a story about how he once passed out after stepping on a wasps nest and being stung multiple time – highlighting the danger wasps can pose.
Cleankill Pest Control's Director Jon Whitehead will be in the limelight today (11th September) when he takes part in The Alan Titchmarsh Show on ITV. Jon will be talking about wasps and what they are up to this time of year. He'll be taking a large wasps' next to the studio so viewers can see what they are like close up. We are delighted to have been asked back on the show as experts in the field of pest control and for a few (millions actually) more people to be made aware of the Cleankill brand.