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Cleankill pest controller in front of van
Come and see us this week at Kent2020 in Detling (Wednesday May 13th) and at Let’s Do Business in Brighton (Thursday May 14th). At both events there will be the chance to meet our team, learn about what we do, see some of our equipment and try some edible bugs. There is even a bottle of champagne up for grabs for the best bug eating selfie that is posted on our Facebook page. See you there!
Cables chewed by rats
It’s not only thieves who have been using tunnels to enter premises in London’s Hatton Garden. When workers in luxury offices near the site of Britain's biggest diamond heist went to retrieve some files from a cupboard they were horrified to find them covered in droppings. They quickly called pest control company Cleankill Environmental Services who identified the droppings and set about getting rid of the rodents. During a survey of the premises Cleankill found evidence of up to 30 rats in the cupboard, chewed electric cables and damage to timber in the area.
Wynne Evans from the Go Compare adverts
Cleankill pest control Technician Tom Smit had a big surprise when he turned up at a customer’s home to discover it belonged to one of the country’s most well known opera singers. Wynne Evans, who became famous when he appeared in the Go Compare television adverts as the spoof opera star Gio Compario, called Cleankill to sort out a pest problem in his London flat. Tom said: “I had no idea who the customer was but when we met I recognised him from the adverts. It’s not every day I get to help someone famous. He was extremely nice.”
Bird netting with holes in it
As Spring approaches, facilities and property managers are being urged to make sure bird control methods are in place before pest birds settle in for the peak nesting periods of Spring and Summer. In April and May, pigeons and gulls will start taking advantage of the warmer weather to sit on outside ledges and pipe work. Their droppings then fall to the floor below, creating a dangerously slippery surface. There are many techniques available including installing nets, sprung wire systems and bird spike repellents.
Cleankill achieve Investors in People Sliver accreditation
Cleankill has become the first pest control company in the UK to gain the Investors in People Silver accreditation. No other pest control companies have achieved either Silver or Gold Investors in People. Three years ago Cleankill achieved the Bronze level – the first company it its sector to do so – and decided to build on that success by aiming for the next level.
Chris Davis being awarded RSPH Level 3 Diploma in Pest Management
A Cleankill man is one of only three people in the country to achieve the top qualification for a pest control professional. Chris Davis is the latest person to gain the RSPH Level 3 Diploma in Pest Management - a ‘gold standard’ qualification designed to recognise pest controllers of ability. Chris is the Service and Technical Manager for award-winning Cleankill Environmental Services, which has offices in Seaford, East Sussex, and Kenley in Surrey.  He has worked for the company for eight years where he trains Cleankill’s technicians while coaching and mentoring colleagues through their own qualifications.
Rat in pipe
Rodents dislike the cold weather as much as humans and now is the time when rats and mice take refuge from the cooler weather in loft spaces and other warm areas of buildings, particularly places where there is a food supply. The furry creatures will scratch, gnaw and rip items apart to make nesting materials but they will also chew through electrical cables. This can cause fires, as well as cause structural damage, not to mention the urine and droppings they spread over large areas.
Clothes moths
Shrieks of horror can be heard across the Kent, Surrey and Sussex as people succumb to the Autumn weather and dig out their coveted cashmere jumpers - only to find them full of holes. While precious pashminas were stored away in cupboards, they were providing a summer time feast for the dreaded clothes moth or Tineola bisselliella. What makes the situation even more heartbreaking is that very few household insurance policies cover damage caused by pests in the home.
Surrey-based Cleankill Pest Control has reached the finals of a prestigious national competition run by the professional body for facilities managers. Cleankill was shortlisted along with four other companies in the FM Service Provider of the Year (SME) category of the British Institute of Facilities Management (BIFM) Awards 2014. It is the first time Cleankill has entered the awards and staff and the Croydon-based company are thrilled to have reached the last stage of the competition.
Pest controllers brought in a huge cherry picker to help them solve a pigeon problem in Croydon. Barratt Residential Asset Management called in Cleankill Pest Control after pigeons started causing a health hazard in a car park in the New South Quarter. Cleankill Surveyor Mark Hobbs explained: “There are two ventilation towers in the park and the pigeons were getting behind them and causing a huge mess. The only way we could access the towers to clean up the mess safely was with a cherry picker. We also had to get to a large pipe inside the exit ramp and this would have been impossible any other way.”