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Bird free gel
Following extensive trials, Cleankill Pest Control is now using a special non-toxic gel as part of its armoury against pest birds.  The Bird Free gel reflects ultraviolet light and appears to birds as flames and keeps pest birds off structures without harming them. Rather than acting as a barrier like netting or spikes, the gel alters birds’ behaviour. Birds will completely desert a habitat, even one they have been using for years, once Bird Free has been applied.
‘Know your ants’ and seek help quickly is the advice from pest control experts Cleankill after the company was called to a serious infestation of Asian super ants at a North London home. The Asian super ant (Lasius neglectus) is very similar in appearance to the Black garden ant but is much more difficult to control, according to Cleankill.
Wasps on drink can
Nuts and berries developing weeks ahead of normal are not the only things signalling the arrival of an early Autumn. Pest controllers are receiving calls about wasps four to five weeks earlier than normal and are finding nests that are much larger than usual for mid July. The early development means that later in the Summer some nests could be extremely large as the Queens will have had time to produce more eggs, resulting in more worker wasps and increasing the risks to anyone disturbing a nest.
We're looking forward to meeting lots of facilities managers and telling them about products such as Bird Free gel and our range of electric fly killers. We're also going to get people to try eating dried insects and take a photo of their faces when they are doing it. The best photo at the end of the three days will win a bottle of champagne. Look out for the selfies on our Facebook page. We're on Stand R1360 at the Facilities Show which takes place on 17-19 June 2014. It is the ONLY facilities management exhibition in the UK that has the support of the BIFM, continuing a 15 year collaboration with them.
Paul Bates receiving Best Medium Sized Business award
Cleankill Pest Control has once again proved it is at the top of its game by adding more awards to its collection of accolades. The fast-growing company won the best Environmental Business in the Seahaven Business Awards 2014 and then went on to win the Best Medium Sized Business in the Croydon Business Awards. In the Croydon Business Awards, Cleankill was commended in the Customer Service and Green Business categories.
Phill Brock
One of the UK’s most experienced pest control surveyors has joined Cleankill Pest Control. Phill Brock, who lives in Bourne End, Buckinghamshire, previously worked for Green Compliance which was recently bought by a multi-national company.  After 30 years in the industry, Phill has been in contact or worked with many pest control companies and was determined to work for one that was reputable. “I asked around and Cleankill kept being mentioned. They have a reputation for doing what they say they will do, unlike some competitors with hot-shot salespeople. I was also attracted by the fact that the Cleankill team is so experienced,” Phill said.
Cleankill Pest Control staff are gearing up for a season of business events in Kent, Sussex and London where they will be showcasing new pest control products such as bird-free gel and giving free pest advice. The first event on Wednesday 14th May 2014 is Kent2020 being held at the Kent Showground near Maidstone, Kent, where Cleankill is exhibiting for the first time with the aim of expanding its customer base in the Garden of England. They will be in section C.
Mark Wilkinson has joined Cleankill Pest Control as a pest control surveyor. Mark, who lives in Walthamstow, previously worked for Green Compliance but chose to join the fast-growing Cleankill team rather than other much larger companies. During his 16 years in the pest control industry Mark has worked for a range of companies and was determined that this time he wanted to work for a brand that puts the needs of the customer first and has an ethical approach to business.
Fly on bread
Gone are the days when electric fly killers were noisy and unattractive. Now, thanks to Cleankill Pest Control’s own range of UV fly killers, businesses can choose from eight different types. Controlling flying insects is vital for food businesses and any premises where flies could be a health hazard and a nuisance. A single housefly can pick up and transport disease-carrying bacteria from and to every surface, including food and food preparation areas.
It was a dream come true for the football fans at a Croydon pest control company when the company took up the opportunity of sponsoring an event at Crystal Palace Football Club. Cleankill Pest Control sponsored a Business Club Event featuring Palace Manager Tony Pulis and former player and now coach Gerry Francis. The sell-out business networking event was attended by more than 100 people.