Parakeet menace in flats above shops

The problem

Parakeets have been causing havoc in a large development of flats above the main shopping district in Feltham, Middlesex.

After resident had complained about noises above their bathroom ceiling. Cleankill Pest Control received an enquiry from the site manager and carried out an inspection.

Ring-neck and Monk parakeet numbers have increased in recent years and are successfully living wild in London and the South East. Classified as agricultural and horticultural pests by Natural England in 2010, these birds do still enjoy the legal protection afforded wild birds despite becoming a menace in some places.

The solution

Cleankill’s bird experts investigated and discovered that parakeets were using the bathroom and kitchen air vents to enter the building. In some instances the vent covers had come off, at other points the parakeets had used their strong beaks to create large entry holes which make ideal nesting sites. Once inside, the birds had chomped their way through the vent pipes. The priority for Cleankill was to make sure the birds could not enter the building.


Once Cleankill staff had established that the parakeets had finished nesting staff arranged for a large cherry picker to be on site to allow easier and safe access to the vents. The damaged plastic covers were then removed and new metal replacement vents were screwed into place. The parakeets will not be able to break through the metal vents. The site manager has been asked to watch for parakeets creating entry points in other parts of the building and report to Cleankill immediately.