Case Studies

One of Cleankill’s more unusual pest control contracts involved delivering an industrial freezer to a clothing warehouse which was infested with clothes moths. The clothing retailer discovered a clothes moth problem in the warehouse where the company stores samples of its clothing ranges from previous years, when the samples were found to be damaged. Urgent action was needed to stop any further damage. The retailer called Cleankill to solve the problem.

Spraying the clothes with chemicals was not an option and Cleankill had to quickly devise a solution that would stop the problem as quickly as possible and prevent any further damage.

Cleankill was proud to be in charge of the pest control at two high-profile sites during London 2012.

At the equestrian site in Greenwich, Cleankill looked after the pest control at all of the food areas, including the concessions, marquees and all the kitchens – including the ones for the athletes.

The pests that were of particular concern and needed prevention measures in place included mice, rats and garden ants. Bait stations were installed and sticky pad insect detectors placed in appropriate locations. Visits were carried out by technicians every ten days in the run up to the games and during the Olympics.

Cleankill was also called in to provide pest control services for the food areas at Eton Dorney – the Olympic venue for rowing.

The Cleankill team was called in to solve a serious bed bug problem in one of the largest blocks of flats in London. 

Thirty out of 600 flats in the block in South London had been infected and it was a case of finding the source of the problem before treatment could start.

Cleankill staff searched the flats and found an extremely serious infestation in the very last one they checked.

Sales Manager Mike Williamson said: “It was absolutely horrendous. The man who occupied the flat had literally become immune to the bed bugs and the bites and was living side-by-side with them. It was the worse infestation I’ve seen in 15 years and the problems in the other flats were linked to this one particular flat which was the hub.”

Where rats thrive they can spread disease, ruin food resources, gnaw electrical cables and even cause structural damage, not to mention the risk to reputation for businesses. 

Cleankill’s rodent expertise was called upon by the owners of a racecourse in Berkshire who needed help to solve a problem with rodenticide-resistant rats.

Rodenticide resistance is a growing problem and pest controllers often need to try a number of different treatment methods to find one that works with particular colonies of rats.

Cleankill was contacted by the facilities managers of a large block of flats in West London with 176 units after another pest control company failed to solve a serious infestation of Pharaoh ants.  

Every flat in the block needed treating to eliminate the problem. Cleankill experts carried out the treatment, mostly on Saturdays at the request of the agent, over an eight-week period. The managing agents were so pleased with the success of the treatment that the tenant association agreed to a regular contract for ant visits and treatments.

A flock of seagulls that was pestering mourners at Eastbourne crematorium has been brought under control using hawks.

The hawks are specially trained to scatter and scare the gulls away without harming them.

Eastbourne Borough Council contacted Cleankill Pest Control to help stop mourners being dive-bombed as they left the chapel. 

Councillor Margaret Bannister, portfolio holder for bereavement services, said: “Staff at the crematorium were becoming aware of the problems that the seagulls were causing to people attending services or visiting the grounds.

“It was felt that we had to call in bird control experts as the last thing crematorium visitors want is to have to worry about being attacked by seagulls.